For biotechs with limited or zero chemistry lab space and looking to build a San Diego-based chemistry team that reports directly to you.

Fast-moving biotechs rely on efficiency, speed, and quality. It is time consuming and costly to build up teams for new companies or new projects. Our teams are available to support your projects immediately.

We are ideally suited for the evolving stages of drug discovery in biotech. We make it unnecessary for biotechs to go through the lengthy process of finding and hiring teams of scientists only to release them when the discovery phase completes. Through AviSyn, when your drug candidate moves on, our scientists shift our support to the next company or project.

Our teams can be deployed to supplement your internal management and your existing chemists, or we can provide full turn-key resources to drive your project according to your milestone or candidate profile objectives. We can provide:

  • Fully equipped synthesis labs in our Sorrento Valley facility with purification, analytical, and NMR support
  • Turn-key access teams of experienced scientists, working together and ready to directly support your leadership team
  • Pharma compliant, IP secured electronic notebooks, chemical registration/compound management, scientific database infrastructure
  • Meeting room facilities available to maximize communication and efficiency