For companies with existing, under-utilized lab space in San Diego and looking to increase resourcing on a flexible basis.

Large companies often face the challenge of meeting aggressive milestone objectives under a fixed headcount. This results in under-utilized lab space, under-resourced projects, and the risk of missed milestones. AviSyn’s founder faced this exact challenge:

“Until a few years ago, I was with AstraZeneca, responsible for review and oversight of our outsourcing strategies with CRO partners. We faced an urgent resourcing gap in our chemistry department, but we had a head-count freeze. Our division decided to insource 15 chemists – 20% of our total count – because the process was fast and flexible. These chemists had outstanding qualifications, and I saw first-hand the benefits of insourcing – faster communication and greater collaboration – because we were all in the same place. Initially, it wasn’t perfect, but I learned from the strengths and challenges that we at AstraZeneca encountered. Then we apply those learnings at AviSyn. There is no substitute for co-located, AviSyn expert chemistry talent for fast-moving innovative projects.”Jeffrey Albert, AviSyn Founder

We provide teams to work side-by-side with your scientists in your labs to supplement resourcing. Our scientists provide the same level of passion, accountability, and innovation that you expect from your scientists.

Our goal is to produce clinical candidates that are maximally de-risked and have the highest therapeutic potential. Since 2012, our scientists have been cited as co-inventors on 20 of our clients’ patents; 3 clinical candidates are advancing in IND-enabling tox.