For companies needing expert med chem and synthesis support from our Montreal location.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Montreal, we bring together outstanding medicinal, synthetic, computational, and analytical chemists with support from in vitro and in vivo biology. Our multidisciplinary teams advance projects from the earliest stages to clinical candidate nomination. In less than 5 years, we have become a leading provider of world-class drug discovery research.

When scientific challenge exceeds the capabilities of typical CROs, then major pharma, biotech, and research foundations turn to us for scientific excellence, innovation, and efficiency – on time and on budget – at each stage of the drug discovery process.


  • 80% of our staff have PhDs from top chemistry labs in US, Canada, and Europe. Many have >10 years’ experience within major pharma
  • Experienced project leaders (former AZ, Vertex, Merck-Frosst)
  • Proven track record over our first 4 years: Co-inventors on 20 patent applications, 5 publications, 3 candidate drugs developed for our collaborators


  • Modern, secure research facility based in Montreal supporting 70 synthetic chemists
  • Multi-dimensional and heteronuclear NMR (400 and 500 MHz)
  • Preparative chiral reverse phase and SFC chromatography (>10 g capability)
  • Large scale reactors (up to 15 liters)
  • Computational chemistry
  • In vitro screening
  • Rodent vivarium for PK analysis and in vivo models

We work across multiple disease areas (CNS, oncology, cardiovascular, and pulmonary) with traditional and modern MoAs (biased signaling agents, allosteric modulators, covalents, etc.). Synthetic and compound design excellence are integrated into every molecule we synthesize to efficiently and definitively address scientific hypotheses.

Our goal is to produce clinical candidates that are maximally de-risked and have the highest therapeutic potential.