Over the past 5 years, our scientists have supported numerous clients from major pharma, biotechs, and research foundations. We provide the highest levels of proactive engagement, effective communication, speed, and quality.

Here are the services provided in our main 3 areas of expertise.


We can provide turn-key access to lab space in Sorrento Valley, analytical instrumentation, chemistry database infrastructure, and teams of experienced scientists, working together and ready to directly support your leadership team.

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We can help advance your project from our labs in Canada. Our extensive resources include lab space for 70 chemists, experienced project leaders with 15-25 years in major pharma (AstraZeneca, Merck-Frosst, Vertex), in vitro/in vivo testing, and a long track record of innovation for our client companies.

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Our teams work side-by-side with your scientists in your labs to supplement resourcing. Our management handles all administrative, insurance, and compliance oversight. The team’s focus is on the science.

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